Return of construction at Glenarm Square

October 12, 2021

DealCorp would like to write with a brief update following the return of construction at Glenarm Square.

The industry was shutdown for the two weeks leading to October 5th and we would like to take this opportunity to assure you that builder, Hamilton Marino is revising the program in line with current restrictions and will do their best to make up for time lost and limited personnel onsite.

During early Spring and in recent days, Glenarm Square has achieved a number of significant milestones, including completion of the ground floor slab works, completion of the upper ground floor works, and the commencement of level 2 suspended slab. During the coming weeks, we anticipate the completion of the level 1 transfer slab, which will enable the design sequence to take place on the upper levels. Passing traffic will also notice the commencement of the fa├žade scaffolding.

We are pleased to announce that the project is over 85% sold and we look forward to sharing more milestones as the project progresses.

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